19th Century Area Size Persian Rugs Transform Any Out of the Way Space Into A Special Destination

See our antique Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz rugs now available.

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The elevator landing in this connoisseur’s home has been turned into a uniquely inviting environment for artistic contemplation thanks to the extraordinary creativity of two top-level antique Persian village and court rugs.  The extremely refined, ethereal coloration of the masterful small Tabriz from the esteemed Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) workshop on the floor is redoubled in impact by the similarly virtuoso palette of the singular Ferahan displayed on a wall. Each shares exquisite tones of sapphire blue, warm terracotta and apricot that are rarely encountered in either style.  Glowing, time-softened patina and the entrancing effect of exceptionally subtle abrash (artfully executed color striation)  magnifies the dynamic relationship between the two art rugs for a delightfully immersive effect. 


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