Shopping Internationally with Claremont Rug Company

Claremont Rug Company has sold antique Persian and Oriental rugs internationally for 42 years. Our thoroughly vetted team guides clients – in person or remotely – through a comprehensive shopping experience that includes careful selection of their rugs, attendance of their chosen pieces through shipping and customs, expert installation of their art investment, in-house restoration, and a full long-term exchange program should they need to later re-enliven their investment portfolio or home environment.

Claremont’s esteemed president and founder Jan David Winitz remains committed to providing not only an unmatched collection of art-caliber antique rugs, but also peerless customer service and expert education. His clientele and private collector’s network includes connoisseurs and investors spanning five continents and nearly 20 countries across the globe:

Canada • Germany • Australia • France • Qatar • China • United Kingdom • Australia • Sweden • United Arab Emirates • Austria • Thailand • Italy • Denmark • Lebanon • Malaysia • Israel • Switzerland

Claremont’s World-Class Collection

By caliber and selection, our collection of antique Persian and Oriental rugs is unparalleled on this earth. While true collectible art-level antique rugs remain exceedingly rare, we have resourcefully established a global network of private collectors and galleries as a means of continually refreshing our inventory.

Claremont Rug Company specializes almost exclusively in antique rugs that fall within Tiers 2, 3, and 4 of our Oriental Rug Market Pyramid. These categories include the best handwoven pieces from the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving, ca. 1800 to ca. 1910, before rug weaving became highly commercialized. Our selection process is highly sophisticated, ensuring clients of Claremont Rug Company the exclusive privilege of browsing only the best handwoven pieces available.

Online & Remote Shopping Experience

Aspiring art collectors and investors have the option to view our collection in person at our four-showroom gallery in Oakland, CA, or to explore our vast online inventory. Claremont’s virtual gallery utilizes state-of-the-art online shopping technology that includes detailed descriptions of each rug, jaw-dropping high-resolution photos, online inquiry forms, and the ability to create digital wishlists for all their decorating and collecting needs.

When customers are ready to consider their options more intimately, our knowledgeable sales personnel are happy to provide live, remote consultations for clients in any time zone via Zoom or FaceTime to help ascertain which antique rugs best suit their tastes and spaces. We understand that visualization is a vital aspect of understanding how our collectible art rugs will complement a home or collection, so we offer two methods of doing so. Clients located in the U.S.A. may view rugs and carpets in situ before purchasing. International clients may submit high-resolution photos of their spaces to our skilled imaging department, which can digitally place rugs into the images using Photoshop.

Knowledgeable Remote Customer Service

Claremont Rug Company is committed, above all else, to providing antique art pieces and customer service of only the highest caliber. Thus, our staff are not merely salespeople but studied connoisseurs and curators of our antique art rugs. We employ a carefully selected team of professionals who not only excel in their departments but are versed in the art form and history of antique Persian and Oriental carpet weaving. Our sales personnel are well equipped to assist with the curation of wish lists and consulting on our clients’ art investment and home furnishing needs.

Unparalleled Shipping & Exchange Policies

At this time Claremont Rug Company offers free two-way shipping on most rugs (U.S.A. ONLY). Further, we pride ourselves on our Full Long-Term Exchange program which allows clients to refresh their collections.

As for international shipping, our rugs are diligently shepherded through the customs process so our international clients may have peace of mind in knowing that their assets will arrive safely and without undue delay. Our clients also enjoy reaping the benefit of Claremont Rug Company’s contract with FedEx, which provides a steep discount on international shipping.