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Antiques and The Arts Weekly

Rug Company Reports Increase In Sales of ‘High-End’ Antique Oriental Rugs

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Apollo Magazine (UK)

Apollo Magazine Looks at the World of Art-level Antique Rug Collecting

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Art and Antiques

“The Clark Sickle-Leaf Carpet Sold for $33.8 million at Sotheby’s, Demolishing the Previous Record for an Islamic Carpet Three Times Over

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Exploring the Traditions of Antique Oriental Rug Weaving

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Associated Press

Claremont Rug Company Names 50 Best “High-End” Antique Oriental Rugs Sold in 2019

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President and Founder of an International Art Gallery, Jan David Winitz, Explains the Trends in the Millennial Generation's Impassioned Interest in Antique Rugs

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Boston Globe

19th Century Oriental Rugs Attracting Major Interest from Art Collectors

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Business Wire

Claremont Rug Company Names 50 Best-of-the-Best Antique Oriental Rugs Sold in 2016 With Online Gallery Exhibition

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CEO Today Magazine (UK)

Dynamically Reinventing A Luxury Business In The Midst Of A Pandemic

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Chief Executive Magazine

Claremont Rug’s Magic Carpet Ride Claremont Rug Company Swiftly Retools to Make it Even Easier for Clients to Shop Virtually

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Chubb Collectors Newsletters

Jan David Winitz Explains a Growing Interest in Displaying Antique Art-Level Rugs on the Wall Instead of the Floor

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Dallas Morning News

Claremont Rug Company’s Best of the Best Antique Rugs Sold in 2014

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Elliman Magazine

Elliman Magazine is a tool in connecting real estate markets, sharing beautiful properties, and reaching out to clientele in a new and exciting way.

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Financial Times

An Insider’s Guide to San Francisco by Claremont Rug Company’s President and Founder, Jan David Winitz

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Claremont Rug Company Acquires Coveted “Treasury” Of Collectible Antique Art Rugs

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Silicon Valley’s High-Tech Crowd Discovers an Affinity for 19th Century, Hand-Crafted Works of Art

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Global Banking & Finance Review

Claremont Rug Company Founder Marvels at “Deeper Connection” with Clients during Pandemic Environment

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Gulfstream Jet Nonstop

Art-Level Antique Rugs are Hot on Collectors' Must-Have Lists

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Houston Chronicle

New Subtext:16th century Isfahan Carpet Tops Sotheby’s Curatorial Auction Selling at $1.93 million

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Featuring Claremont Client’s Contemporary Home

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Luxury Daily

Claremont Rug Co.: Reinventing a Luxury Business in the Midst of a Pandemic

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Claremont Rug Company Acquires “Exquisitely Assembled” Cache of Antique Rugs

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Money Inc.

Claremont Rug Company Founder, Jan David Winitz Explains How He has Built Successful, Long-Term Client Relationships Over the Past 37 Years

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Claremont Rug Company Reports 75% Increase in International Sales Despite Pandemic-Related Operating Restrictions

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New York Times

Claremont Rug Company acquires several troves of 19th-century rugs from one family’s gracious homes in Manhattan, Long Island and Cape Cod.

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Ocean Home Magazine

“The Rug Whisperer”, Jan David Winitz Discusses the Process of Adorning Client's Unique Coastal Homes with Rare Antique Persian Rugs

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Omaha World Herald

Claremont Rug Company Pyramid Video Explains How to Evaluate Antique Oriental Rugs

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Private Air Magazine

21st-Century Titans Take Up The Mantle: Amass Collections of 19th-Century Persian and Tribal Art Rugs

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Claremont Rug Company Unveils Chappaqua Collection With Major Exhibit

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Robb Report

Claremont Rug Company Awarded Robb’s “Best of the Best” in Antiques Category.

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Robb Report Luxury Newswire

Claremont Rug Company Announces Opening of New Claremont 2 Showroom Pairing Vintage Rugs With a Contemporary Setting

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San Francisco Business Times

The art of the pivot: Rug store turns to innovation to survive pandemic

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San Francisco Chronicle

Claremont Rug Company Thrives in Bad Economy as Antique Carpets Fly High as Investment Vehicles

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The Today Show/ NBC News

Jan David Winitz Speaks About How to Clean a Rug: Cleaning Wool Oriental Rugs

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USA Weekly

Jan David Winitz Explains His Business Model and the Advice He Would Give to His Younger Self

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Wall Street Journal

The Rug Market Takes Flight as Some of the Most Coveted Masterpieces Now are the Ones Displayed on the Floor.

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Worth Magazine

Investors Turn to Art-Grade Rugs as the Hot New Tangible Asset

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