Client Accolades

“The Kazak and Talish I’ve just brought into my country house have changed EVERYTHING!”
— R., New York

“You certainly have reorganized my visual imagination and there is never a day when I do not thank my lucky stars for the splendor of your antique rugs which delight me in every room in my house.”
— J., Sonoma, CA

“My new rugs are in place… I feel great satisfaction with this adventure. With six rugs together, they almost look like a curated exhibition and give my apartment a more united and cohesive look, in spite of the fact that they represent six different weaving traditions. The work we did together has paid off .”
— T., Oslo Norway

“The Ferahan Sarouk is a work of great beauty. I find I feel uplifted every morning when I walk into the office.”
— H., Northern California

“The antique Sivas is a very lovely carpet. We are very grateful for your attention and guidance. And we are grateful that this has been such an easy and smooth process.”
— E.W., Lincoln, MA

“I’ve appreciated all of the instructional videos and articles from Claremont that I’ve seen, and learned a lot from them.”
— P., Alberta, Canada

“I continue to admire Claremont’s exquisite collection, take an active interest in new acquisitions, and appreciate your ongoing and exemplary commitment to customer care.”
— P., Alberta, Canada

“I’m so pleased with ALL the Persian rugs I’ve acquired and learning about the details of the various weaving regions and designs. This has been such an enjoyable journey for me, and I deeply thank you and Jan and all the staff. I look forward to taking a peek at new acquisitions as they come in.”
— J., Nevada

“Thank you for the wonderful service that I have received from all of the professionals at Claremont with whom I have had the pleasure to interact. I have enjoyed developing what I expect will be a lasting relationship.”
— M., New Jersey

“We received the rug yesterday evening. We love it! So exuberant and alive with energy and creativity from another era and place. A work of art. One thing is clear: you can’t see the beauty and depth of this rug in any picture.”
— B., Greensboro, NC

“My new Mohtasham Kashan rug arrived today and it is every bit as fine as the photos depicted. Thank you again for your help and I look forward to seeing new arrivals.”
— T.R., New Orleans

“We’re told that money can’t buy happiness. That’s true, with one exception – money spent with Claremont Rug Company! No other purchase has brought my family such consistent pleasure!”
— J.S., Northern CA

“Always a pleasure doing business with you. Your eye for beauty and your integrity make the world a better place.”
— C., Bend, OR

“We received the rug and it’s just perfect!!!!! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!”
— L., Omaha, NE

“Rugs inform our sense of light and our notion of enlightenment. Jan, you have long been a guru of this wonderful art form. Look forward to more articles.” 
— B., Northern CA

“As I learn more, my interest is only growing – the rugs are remarkable.” 
— J., New York City

“Thanks again so much for your patience and service. I’ll definitely continue to recommend you and Claremont as “best in class” for all things antique Persian rug.”
P., Alberta, Canada

“We are so very grateful for the magnificent job you are doing assembling our collection!”
— N., Florida

“We are adoring the Serapi: stately and luscious, and it fits in perfectly!”
— B., Toronto, Canada

“I can’t compliment you enough on your wonderful collection and website. You and your staff did everything perfectly.”
— F., Singapore

“I really enjoy the rug pictures which you are sending by email. What I haven’t told you is how I also admire your descriptions – the precision, insight and breadth are simply astounding. I love (some of) the great writers, and think that, in your field, you should be counted among them.”
— P., Durham, CT

“Your company has the most fantastic collection of antique carpets that I have seen anywhere in one place, outside of a museum. Aesthetically speaking, the patterns and color composition of old carpets is sadly an extinct art now, the meticulously curated collection in your store defies belief. ”
— M., Phoenix, AZ

Rare Laver Kirman Antique Rugs compliment a beautiful modern living room with industrial beams “I want to share with you my impressions on the memorable event when I received the two famous High-Collectible rugs… Unrolling a Claremont rug is a moment of intense emotion that cannot be put in words easily. A kind of endless moment. The past becoming the present and the present traveling back to the past. An interpretation that constructs itself progressively in the mind, the heart and the soul.”
— T., France

“You have by far the best collection of Persian rugs in the world.”
— N., Geneva, Switzerland

“The best business model I’ve ever seen. You are all so knowledgeable. I’ve never seen anything close to it.”
— M., Atlanta, GA

“The more I understand about rugs, the more I see that your curated collections are unparalleled on this Earth!”
— J.S., Northern CA

“I am in carpet heaven! So magnificent! This Dorasht redefines the art of weaving, for me. The part and the whole are one, the two others are equally outstanding. Words do not suffice.”
— N., Florida

“You took us from a Cadillac to a Bentley!! Wow we love it. We have it installed and it’s just perfect!”
— L., Omaha, NB

“[ I ] am consistently impressed by the quality of the rugs you get your hands on.”
— J., Northern CA

“We hope to purchase many more wonderful antique Oriental rugs from you in the coming years.”
— P., Silicon Valley, CA

“My wife says no more rugs, but I cannot stop looking! You have the finest collection I have ever seen.”
— S., Williamsburg VA

“The Bordjalou Kazak rug arrived this afternoon and we are very pleased with it… okay, make that awed and thrilled with it!  It is what I imagined and hoped it would be.”
— J., Hawaii

“The new rugs are continuing to give great enjoyment — along with a heightened sense of stewardship that comes when looking after well-preserved antique goods.”
— T., Canada

“What an amazing collection you have just presented online! It is a great pleasure to view the Gold Coasts collection – a true treasure trove of rugs with such astonishing designs and colors.”
— V., Alabama

“No words can describe the beauty they create in the hues they choose, the “marriage” of colours that no one would imagine… now my kids no longer consider me a weirdo when I am just standing, ‘frozen’ and staring at the floor.”
— P.M., France

An embarrassment of riches here! How lovely the Qashqai and the newest Laver Kirman are. Even at night they are both beautiful. They are such wonderful works of art… I feel very fortunate to have found such a beautiful Qashqai in this size. I so enjoyed our meeting at your gallery yesterday.”
— C., Northern CA

“After more than thirty years of living with the Bakshaish carpet I bought from you, I am still seeing new beauty in it. This is something wonderful!”
– J., Northern CA

“I got the runner installed in the front hall and then returned home many hours later, having totally forgotten I’d done so. Opened the door and burst into delighted laughter – that’s how much an improvement it made.”
— T., Portland, OR

“I never see my Sarouk without a great satisfaction and joy that so beautiful a thing is my daily companion.”
— M., Providence, RI

“Again, I’d like to express my gratitude to you for making this an enjoyable and rewarding adventure. The more I learn about textile arts, the more I appreciate the work of the artists and those who have cared for the pieces through the years.”
—  S., NC

Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ivory Sultanabad Rug in a Family Dining Room

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“I received the amazing Caucasian rug! Such a marvelous piece of art. We spent a lot of family time studying its subtle colours, asymmetric patterns, odd details… It is a real work of art and I now have the conviction that Claremont is in a really different class when it comes to the quality of its selection, the quality of every “piece” it owns.”
— P., Le Chesnay, France

“Everyone who has seen the new Kirman remarks how perfect it looks in my living room and they have not seen the pattern or the colors in other rugs. I love one of a kind rugs!” 
— K., Northern CA

“Thank you for your help with the selection of the two rugs I received today…Again you do not imagine how appreciative I am for all your professional help and friendship.”
– T., NJ

“Nothing gives and gives like the art-level carpets I’ve purchased at Claremont.”
— J.S., Northern CA

“My rug, the Qashqai Amaleh, arrived yesterday.  I want to thank you and everyone at Claremont who helped me with this purchase. The rug is absolutely beautiful.”
– R., Brooklyn, NY

“ I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to show us all those lovely rugs.  I am very happy with the ones we chose, and am really looking forward to receiving them. ”
– C., Seattle, WA

“Here’s the picture of the carpet. Thanks again so much for your help finding the perfect one for our space.”
– K., CA

“The wonderful rugs I purchased from you have given us immense pleasure. The beauty and artistic value which they bestow on us have been particularly important in these “Covid days,” as we spend so much time at home.”
–  I., Israel 

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“Why does the red Ferahan work so well in my office? I don’t know why, but it really does.  As does the blue Mahajiran Sarouk and the yellow Kuba. The Laver Kirman is exquisite and the perfect size for its place at the start of the hall. So I’m keeping them.”
– L., Northern CA

“Our three new rugs just arrived and they are all beautiful… Thank you so much – we are thrilled with our new purchases.”
– P., NYC

“Nothing gives me as much pleasure as the rugs I acquired from Claremont.  They continue to astound me, year after year.”
– J., Northern CA

“If nothing else we are very patient. Yet this purchase amazingly came together quickly for us because what you have is so special!”
– A., Northern CA

“Of course I realize you know me so well. I should just give you the measurements and ask you to send me a rug and bill me, but it’s more fun for me to look at all the artistic treasures.”
 M. Atlanta, GA

“The character and warmth of the home could have never been properly completed without these pieces.”
— R., Boca Raton, FL

A Laver Kirman Carpet in a Spanish Colonial dining room

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“The carpets we have make a tremendous difference in our daily lives.”
— J., Cincinnati, OH

“In the year 2020 with all its hardships, Claremont made our life happy with its exquisite rugs and also created in me a real desire to acquire much more knowledge of this wonderful art form and of the Persian culture in general. I thank you for all this and hope to benefit more in the future.”
– I., Israel

“I love your company and what you have built. There is not another antique rug company in our country like yours. The rugs you possess and offer for sale are second to NONE.”
– K., Johns Island, SC

“The Lesghi really is a stunning addition to my home and beyond my expectations. It’s quite a deep and enriching experience to have such a piece of history and tradition which I can admire and be with every day. As you can well attest, it’s difficult to stop at just one after experiencing the beauty of such art and craftsmanship.”
– J., Ontario, Canada

“More than anything else that I will pass on to my children, I am happy about the rugs I acquired from you!”
— J.S., Northern CA

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“I have no words. The Ferahan Sarouk is at home and we are amazed. It is a real jewel, absolutely fantastic. You suddenly wonder how you could live so many years without it. It is wonderful that the rug is so much nicer in real life than on the internet (and, my God, it was exquisite there too).”
– I., Israel

“The carpets arrived yesterday. They are fantastic. We are very happy with our purchase. The larger piece transforms our living room. The effect is sublime. We are planning to make our next purchase.”
– C., Hong Kong

“I am so happy to be the owner of these two beautiful rugs… I will treasure them and look forward to further investment through you, and to more chats.”
– G., Nigeria

“The rug is so lovely and we are so happy and are just soaking it up!”
– A., Northern CA

“…Our dealings were a great pleasure to me in this very trying time. I spend a fair amount of time in my living room, and I never see my Sarouk without a great satisfaction and joy that so beautiful a thing is my daily companion.”
– M., Providence, RI

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“The rugs were installed today and look great. Thanks for the expert advice during this process. Look forward to talking with you in the future.”
– S., Cincinnati, OH

“Rug received and I’m very happy with it. I’ll repeat another deal with you. You’ve been very much customer-oriented and I appreciate that.”
– G., Jordan

“I really like the rug and it really makes that whole part of the house.”
– M., Northern CA

“I do want to mention that my association with Claremont means a great deal to me. The rugs, of course, add immense beauty and serenity to my life, but the experience and the people make all the difference.”
– R., Sedona, AZ

“The Konagkend Kuba is just mesmerizing, the Gubpa Shirvan very mystical and the Lesghi Star rich in symbolism. It’s a deep and enriching experience being surrounded by the history of these tribal rugs as part of my décor with each one having their own story. It’s like the essence of the Caucasus mountains are now part of my environment.”
– J., Ontario, Canada

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“It was a joy to be back on your home grounds, among such treasures. I think tribal rugs are one of the great art forms on earth. And I loved the pieces you were able to find for me; they will soon be on my walls, for the sharing and the daily delight they will bring.”
– S., Reno, NV

“Folks like you who still honor their customers the old-fashioned way through creating personal professional relationships are much appreciated and valued.”
— P., France

“It was a pleasure to work with you. I’ll give the Mishin Malayer rug the same respect and care others have for the past 170 years.”
– A., Seattle, WA

“By far, you have the best collection I’ve seen in terms of uniqueness and quality.”
— J., WV

“I can tell you this: based on quality, selection, knowledge etc., I may never buy a rug anywhere else. I wish I would have found you sooner.”
– S., Dallas, TX

“Thank you so much for providing an extraordinary selection of antique rugs. The joy of creativity, of life really shines in the design and craftsmanship of every piece. I love the blend of cultural motifs, elements of nature, and the artisans’ own innovation….I have spent many days lost in viewing each one, choosing favorites only to find another to cherish. I look forward to having this beautiful work of art in my home.”
– N., Gilberts, IL

“The antique Semnan carpet is even more spectacular in the space than I envisioned and I’m extremely excited about it.”
– R., Estero, FL

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“Indeed, it is really a dream come true for us to get to own one of your carpets, as we have been pressing our noses against the glass, so to speak, for so many years.”
– C., Napa, CA

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. I’m aware Claremont serves the wealthiest clientele out there, and you have the most stunning inventory I’ve seen. So I was a bit apprehensive about receiving thoughtful service for the smaller/more affordable orders that are within my reach. It’s great to see a company with your level of success that provides individual service for smaller clients as well. Much appreciated.”
– T., London, UK

“I’m blown away by your service and I’m only shopping with you, as I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can’t find it with you, it doesn’t exist.”
– S., Redmond, WA

“…Your website and emails are great educational tools. One of the hardest things as a budding collector is developing your eye through exposure to great examples of different rug styles, so I really value your online gallery.”
– K. Bethesda, MD

“The rugs were installed today and look great. Thanks for expert advice during this process. Look forward to talking with you in the future.”
– S. Cincinnati, OH

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“It was a pleasure to work with you. I’ll give the Mishin Malayer rug the same respect and care others have for the past 170 years.”
– J., Seattle, WA

“I think that many of Claremont’s rugs are more impressive than those you can see in various art books.”
– I., Israel

“This is a rug that I will study over the years and likely continue to discover more and gain even a greater appreciation for its creator.”
– G., Lanexa, VA

“Your inventory is simply spectacular and remarkably comprehensive. I do know you are not simply a retailer who wants to move goods, but a scholar and connoisseur of this wonderful art form… I very much appreciate the opportunity to peruse your wonderful museum of masterpieces which has brought me and I am sure others great joy!”
– B., Washington, DC

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“I feel like I am the custodian of something very precious… I can’t call it ‘my’ carpet, because one can’t really possess something like this”
– T., Ottawa, Canada

“I want to compliment your two assistants for their professional care, service, and attention to detail in our home last Friday, as well as your shipping supervisor in his communications to me and follow-up with respect to shipping the Serapi. Your staff members have always been uniformly courteous, helpful, and very professional on each occasion. I suspect that this is due to your careful staff selection and training. As I have mentioned to you on multiple occasions, you and Christine should be very proud of the great company that you have created. I have followed you since the 1990’s and am consistently amazed at the wonderful rugs that you are able obtain for your large and growing client base. I also appreciate your position as a media ambassador and acknowledged leader in your industry. Happy 40th Anniversary Year!”
– B., La Jolla, CA

“I appreciate your help and information.  And I really appreciate your website (I haven’t found a better one)- the collection and presentation are a great and inexpensive treat, not to mention how valuable they have been as I try to get more exposed to good rugs and to get better at discerning and understanding their qualities. It’s a good education.”
— R., IA

“There are so many rugs displayed on your website that we admire and would be happy to have….I do spend a long time, practically every day, browsing your site and I usually discover new and additional aspects of beauty and interest in rugs that I have seen before.”
– I., Israel

“The rugs I chose to see were intriguing on your website, but are infinitely more beautiful in person.”
– M., OH

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“As I sit in my home along with the rest of America I realize how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by a comforting and beautiful environment. The amazing assortment of richly colored antique oriental rugs set the palette for the rest of our homes in Reno and Lake Tahoe. Thank you for all you both did to help us.”
– R., Reno, NV

“That’s what I call miraculous service. Impressive indeed!”
– M., Sidney, Australia

“The carpets I bought from you 30 years ago still give me pleasure on a day basis. These carpets are my most rewarding investments.”
— J.S., Northern CA

“These rugs have enriched our lives so much!“
– E., Essex, NY

“The new Heriz rug and I are already having a love affair and I am spending a lot of time just gazing at it…Thanks again for your flawless service.
– C., Hilton Head Island, SC

“I wanted to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying your articles and emails lately. I love how you talk about art, life and the carpets which are so exquisite that I wish I could live with every one of them!.. The carpets are certainly magic! We’re still loving our Mahal and the Qashqai. Both have enriched our daily lives.”
– J., Oakland, CA
Claremont President Jan David Winitz “Best customer service I have ever received!!!”
– J., San Francisco, CA

“I certainly noted that your shipping department are real craftsmen. The way they packaged the rugs shows an old world-level of care that wasn’t lost on me.”
— R., IA

“I really enjoyed the three parts of “Knowing Your Art Deeply” and can identify with your journey through art/time. I too had some of the same experiences with art that you did and can remember them vividly to this day. We love living with our oriental carpets day in day out. Some of them speak to me with louder voices than others and it is interesting that the ones with the most penetrating voices are two or three of the oriental rugs we purchased from Claremont Rug Company. As I have shared with you there are several rugs that we own that make my heart sing when I walk on them and I walk on them many times each day.”
– P., Atherton, CA

“As for the Kuba, “knock-out” is an understatement. I’m not sure I’ve seen a rug any lovelier than this little gem. Acquiring a rug like this makes me feel less like an owner and more like a custodian. It will be well taken care of.”
– T., Dallas, TX

“Our ongoing collaboration is one of the highlights of my career. I so enjoy working with people I respect and admire, and from whom I can learn. You are one of those people, Jan.”
— C., San Diego, CA

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“Thank you again for helping me to secure this fabulous rug. I will treasure it always.”
– M., Atlanta, GA

“I really appreciate your exchange program as it has afforded me the opportunity to develop and refine my style. I have many more spaces to fill and look forward to an ongoing relationship as more opportunities present themselves. I have really appreciated your knowledge and concern for my satisfaction.”
– S., Dallas, TX

“The rug is incredible. As I’ve lived with it now for a few days under various lighting conditions, I appreciate it even more. The harmony and integration of the design, and colors of the motifs and ground are amazing.”
– F., Portola Valley, CA

“Have no idea how you do it, but your inventory of rugs is absolutely astonishing in breadth and depth…I can only wish you all great success, and thanks for promoting and helping to preserve this wonderful art form.”
– B., Washington, DC

“Our Serapi arrived on schedule and is now back in place. Your restoration staff did a spectacular job and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to you and please thank your colleagues for us.”
– D., Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Claremont President Jan David Winitz “I have always been passionate about Art and your rug is at the highest level of quality. I am thrilled each time I see what you have provided for my clients. I know you and I will keep doing business for a long time to come.”
— C., San Diego, CA

“The Baku rug is incredible. As I’ve lived with it now for a few days under various lighting conditions, I appreciate it even more. The harmony and integration of the design, and colors of the motifs and ground are amazing.” 
– F., Portola Valley, CA

“I just installed the Ferahan that you restored. It looks amazing. Would you please thank the team that worked on the restoration- they did an amazing job – the rug looks so much better – it’s old self really.”
– P., New York City, NY

“Knowing Your Art Pt 2: I am very enthusiastic about this beautifully written series by Mr. Winitz. I related to Mr. Winitz’s passion for art and its transcendent powers and was so engrossed with what I was reading that the worries of the times vanished and were replaced with a welcomed tranquility. His essay is a gift and a balm; I look forward to the third segment and reading more shared insights and life gleaned wisdom from the author. Everyday I am inspired by the rugs I am fortunate to posses and awed by the complex human skills and animal and natural elements that went into their making. My purchases from Claremont have been joy to have! I am continuing to keep informed about your offerings.”
– V., Birmingham, AL

“You have such a great eye for beautiful rugs. How wonderful for all of us.”
– B., San Francisco, CA

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“The Ferahan arrived and it is a dream. With its brilliant colors and joyous design it illuminates the whole place. Each of our three rugs is, of course, unique and has its special character. Together they create a miraculously harmonious composition which gives us a lot of pleasure. Our apartment has been upgraded tremendously.”
– I., Israel

A client copied Jan Winitz on an email he sent to his friends, “I’ve never advocated for a commercial product, but I want to advocate for Claremont Rugs because the quality of their products and service has been so good. I know these are uncertain times, but I have bought several Persian carpets from Claremont and, frankly, I wish I had floor space for more because the artistry of the carpets in their collection is so extraordinary and their follow-up service has been so good. If you are in the market for a rug, give them a look.”
– G., Piedmont, CA

“I am forever impressed with the way you run your business”.
– J., Greenwich, CT

“You are such a treasure, and a real pleasure for me to work with. I admire your great taste, and your professional way of doing business, so very much.”
– C., San Diego, CA

“We are delighted and even overwhelmed by the beauty of the Shirvan’s design and colour, the power it radiates and the exquisite craftsmanship of the creator of this masterpiece. This is the first rug that hangs on the wall and this gives me a special feeling. Now that I look at the rug at eye level I feel that I absorb more of it and virtually get absorbed by it… Actually, each of the four rugs I have from Claremont takes me on an individual spiritual and emotional trip to its unique culture, art and beauty.”
– I., Israel

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“I find it tremendously fulfilling to see the effect that growing up and living with antique Oriental carpets has had on my family. A deep and instinctive sense of both color and design harmony combined with a bold creativity characterizes my daughter’s artwork, which has already brought her numerous awards and scholarships. Tribal and village art carpets convey a profound sense of comfort, and an expressiveness that, though rooted in tradition, is strongly individual. I see the same sense of security and self-assurance in my teenage son’s approach to life and social relationships. I have no doubt that being surrounded by some of the best examples of this superbly balanced art, displayed both on the walls and floors has contributed significantly to the inculcation and development of these traits in my children. All this in addition to the immense pleasure I have received from seeing these carpets daily in my home. I wouldn’t call collecting art carpets a hobby, or even a passion. For me, they have become a practical necessity- one of the main ingredients in creating a home in the fullest sense, and a constant reminder of the beauty and potential of life.”
– J., Piedmont, CA

“The rugs are so very beautiful. We thank you immensely. We’re sending you photos tomorrow!!”
– B., Toluca Lake, CA

“I have been meaning to tell you that the last Karabagh runner that you sold us is incredible. Every time I walk on the carpet, which is many time a day, it make my heart sing. Thank you for having such a wonderful oriental carpet business. I hope we will be purchasing more carpets from you in the future.”
– C. Atherton, CA