Appraisals & Full Term Exchange Guarantee

All rugs sold from the Website are sold as described. Please carefully read each rug’s description before purchase.

Claremont Rug Company guarantees any carpets purchased from us will be subject to full exchange privileges long-term by the purchaser named on the sales invoice. At any time, any or all of the rugs may be exchanged by the purchaser for full credit of original purchase price.

To ensure the greatest longevity of a rug we require that it is brought to us at least every 6 years for cleaning and restoration, as we will choose the most appropriate wash or repair system and supervise work to be done properly. We do not authorize other sources of cleaning or restoration. Failure to use our cleaning services or allowing its condition to deteriorate without bringing it to us for restoration may result in the exchange value being decreased or forfeited.

The customer will be charged for cleaning any rug that has been owned over three months (or if dirty when used for less time). We also require that clients pay for any restoration that is needed to make the rug marketable.

The purchaser may use exchange credit against the retail prices of any rug in our inventory. The purchaser may not exchange toward a rug that is on consignment to us. Any damage due to use, accident, fading, staining or misuse will decrease exchange credit.

The purchaser must pay for all out-of-pocket expenses, such as padding, shipping, pick-up, wash, restoration, delivery and installation. Exchange credit can never be used toward these charges. We do not offer cash refunds on any purchase for any reason.

Exchange credit on a rug purchased at Claremont Rug Company can be used by the purchaser toward the inventory of the Claremont Rug Company store only and cannot be used at Claremont 2 under any circumstances.

Exchange credit is non-transferable and has no cash value.

Padding And Installation

Padding choices and special needs are discussed at the time of purchase. We offer effective, state-of-the-art padding options for any type of flooring. In Northern California, our Claremont team of professionals will take care of installation. In all other cases, padding can be shipped to you with clear instructions for installation or competent local logistics personnel under our direction will install the padding for you.

Storage At Our Facility

We can arrange for storage of carpets for up to three years for our clients with large construction projects. We also are experienced consultants on the issues involved in long-term storage. Clients are responsible to provide insurance on any rugs we store for them.

Cleaning & Routine Maintenance

We offer a complete ongoing cleaning and maintenance program. We will arrange for pick up and shipping to Talisman, our world-class cleaning service. Our in-house expert restoration department will perform any repair that is needed. Read more about rug care here.

Accidents & Spills

Our Service Department takes great pride in supporting our clients’ trouble-free enjoyment of their carpet treasures. For unforeseen accidents or damage to your carpets, we have most of the solutions and can guide you through the cleaning and restoration process efficiently. In the rare case that a circumstance arises that we have never encountered, our service personnel make it a priority to research a solution for you.

Terms Of Use

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Privacy Policy

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