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Antique Carpet Trends in Naples, Florida

Claremont Rug Company has had the privilege of working with many clients in the Naples, Florida area since the company’s founding in 1980, helping families furnish their homes with incomparable collections of art-level antique carpets. 

Visualizing how your potential carpet choices will look in your home has never been easier with our numerous presentation tools. Claremont Rug Company offers a selection of convenient shopping options even if you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are local to you – regardless of where you reside. 

Antique Oriental Ivory Sultanabad Antique Rug in Family Room of Florida Estate
An Oversize Antique Persian Carpet Unifies Family Room of Naples, Florida Home.

The coastal town of Naples has evolved over the years into a locale attracting residents desiring the great luxury of living with amazing shoreline views of Treasure Cove, Man-O-War Cove and Champney Bay to name a few. Known as one of America’s most luxurious tropical retreats for over a hundred and twenty years, residents of Naples’ have been drawn to Claremont Rug Company’s vast collection of one-of-a-kind art-caliber Persian rugs and other antique Oriental carpets to adorn their beachfront estates. The antique Sultanabad Persian carpet, pictured above, in a Naples client’s stunning family room is an exemplar representation of how exquisitely Claremont’s art rugs pair with a multitude of popular architectural styles from Florida-Mediterranean style to Bermuda-style to coastal living style. The elite clientele in Naples greatly appreciates our consultative, world-class customer service like our In-Home Shopping services which provides a variety of convenient ways for customers to find the perfect fitting rug for any room of their home.

Our website is the ideal tool to rapidly educate and familiarize yourself with the world of antique Oriental carpets, offering abundant and easy-to-digest information on the numerous carpet styles available to your project. Over 1,000+ of our carpets are available for you to browse online at your leisure, with full-size, color-accurate high resolution images only a click away.

All can be easily sorted by size and carpet type, to make your search eminently manageable. You can organize your choices on your own Wish List that is there for you to return to for up to 3 years. As you explore freely through our gallery, carpets of special interest can be flagged and added to your personalized wish list. As you hone your taste, these wish lists can record your favorites, and can be effortlessly forwarded to a designer, architect, spouse or friend with whom you would like to share.

A Quintet of Unique Area Size Antique Rugs Each Adds their Own Note to an Eclectic Music Room

A Quintet of Unique Area Size Antique Rugs Each Adds their Own Note to an Eclectic Music Room

Affluent neighborhoods like Port Royal, Aqualane Shores, Grey Oaks, Pelican Bay, and Park Shore whose luxurious residences look out over the Gulf of Mexico have produced many loyal customers to Claremont. Our clientele from Naples’ most exclusive private communities return time and time again to adorn beautiful luxury homes with art rugs which enhance the interiors to mirror the grandeur of the exteriors.  After nearly four decades of providing the most sought-after antique Persian rugs to our Naples clientele, we have found many customers develop an insatiable appetite for collecting these unique pieces of antique art once they begin living with just one. This experience is illustrated perfectly in the photo above of a Naples client’s eclectic music room decorated artfully with an awe-inspiring collection of five 19th century Oriental art rugs. 

Our extensive online Antique Oriental Rug Educational Section is an expansive resource with sections discussing Decorating with Antique CarpetsCollecting and Connoisseurship, a Nine-point Methodology for Determining Quality and Artistry, Main Categories of Antique CarpetsAntique Oriental Rug Care and much more.

Historical Homes & Prominent Architecture in Naples

In the late 1880s, a former Confederate general and United States senator from Kentucky, John Stuart Williams, and Walter N. Haldeman, the publisher of the Louisville Courier-Journal founded Naples, Florida. Named Naples, because early promoters described the bay as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy.” Word spread quickly about the balmy climate and abundant fishing and hunting, as the tourist trade began to develop. The two founders formed The Naples Company, built a pier in the Gulf of Mexico and built the Naples Hotel.

The Naples Hotel
Photo Source

Available only by boat at that time, Naples remained a remote winter retreat for rich northerners until the train arrived in 1927. After World War II, Naples began to boom. Today, Naples is one of the most attractive and popular destinations for tourists, retirees, and families in the U.S.

Naples Palm Cottage
Photo Source
Naples Historic Palm Cottage™ is the oldest house in Naples, Florida, built in 1895. The antique-filled cottage, is a rare example of tabby mortar construction ,a hand-made concrete consisting of sand, shells, and water. This two-story home was built by one of Naples founding residents, Walter Haldeman. The historical cottage boasts 3,500 square feet of original and donated artwork, furnishings, and tools spanning over 100 years.

Naples Pier

Photo Source

Naples Historic Pier is an iconic staple in the Naples community with a rich American history stemming back over a hundred years ago. Construction of the first pier began in the summer of 1888. A firm from Fort Myers was awarded the job by Walter Haldeman of The Naples Company. The company had just completed the initial 20 rooms of the Naples Hotel on 12th Ave and 3rd St. to accommodate potential land investors and tourists. Until the pier was built, people and goods had to arrive by boat, either in the Gulf or Naples Bay, or travel by ox cart from Fort Myers. The pier became a gathering place for socializing and dances in the early 1900’s. The turbulent weather patterns of the Florida coast were very hard on the Naples Pier resulting in many repairs over the years from hurricanes and winds wreaking havoc year after year on the historic site. But incredibly resilient the pier still stood on through the 1950’s. Weathering many severe storms, the pier was rebuilt in 1960 in its original location, after being destroyed by hurricane Donna. Today Naples Pier stands as a historical site many tourists and locals visit each year to celebrate, fish and enjoy the beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sources: Naples Panorama, Nova Home Builders, Naples Historical Society, Naples Backyard History

See a 1,000+ piece inventory of our current collection of antique art rugs.


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