Concierge Services – Before Purchase

Visiting Us In Our 4-Gallery Complex

Clients find visiting us in person when possible exceedingly helpful to their immersion in the world of antique carpets. The rug display on our walls introduces visitors to more than 50 rare examples from all the different Persian and tribal styles. If you wish, our rug consultants will assist you to hone in those pieces in our collection which are most specific to your needs and interests, and offer helpful tips for decorating and collecting as well as colorful anecdotes about the carpets’ history and creation.

Follow-Up To Your Inquiries

Your visit to our website gallery, phone consultation or email communication with one of our carpet consultants is followed up with high-resolution, color-accurate images of your rug choices either as digital files, 8×10 photographs or both.

We can Photoshop your rug choices in place into an image of your room if you provide 3-mg files from your smartphone or digital camera.

Free Two-Way Shipping On Approval

At this time, we are offering free shipping on approval for most rugs. This allows you to view the carpets that interest you in situ before finalizing your purchase, with us absorbing the cost both ways. Contact us at 1-800-441-1332 or to learn more.

In-home Presentations

We offer a unique home presentation service for multiple-carpet projects anywhere in the USA for room-size, oversize or collectible rugs. Enjoy the salon experience in your own home, as one of our senior carpet consultants and support staff show you numerous pre-selected rugs for each space you wish to furnish. This allows you to compare sizes, color balances, and different styles that help you to determine the very best choice for each space.

Servicing the Larger Project

CREATING SUITES OF EXQUISITE ART-LEVEL RUGS — Our art level carpets will greatly enrich the atmosphere of virtually any room in the fine home. Our forte is creating harmonious suites in which all of the carpets become a unified whole, yet where each piece also stands by itself as an individual artistic expression.

Our widely respected president, Jan David Winitz, and his highly professional staff offer our clients the benefits of our long experience in completing whole home projects across the United States and internationally.

A key to our ability to seemingly effortlessly build extensive carpet suites is the vast scope of our inventory, which includes numerous related pieces in all formats, including oversizes, runners, corridor carpets and hard-to-find sizes.

We will likely begin by sending you digital photos or e-mailing you digital files of the best carpet candidates, and then showing you how the pieces you prefer sit together on your floor plans.

If you live in the Western United States, we can usually do an in-home presentation where you can view your carpet finalists in place. If you live elsewhere in the country, we can often ship carpets to you, and arrange for a local firm to install them. For substantial projects, we do on-site presentations anywhere in the country.

Although we recommend building the room around our carpets whenever possible, we are masters at integrating our carpets into already established decors.

We understand the common-sense application of our carpets. We will become familiar with your lifestyle, and perhaps specify older, more precious pieces for the important public spaces and intimate areas, and extremely durable, hard-wearing pieces for more heavily trafficked areas.

Mr. Winitz also offers consultation about investing in and displaying our truly one-of-a-kind carpets, and building family or corporate rug collections.

A Whole Home project typically begins with clients formulating their vision of the environment they wish to create. Clients show us architectural drawings or photographs of their rooms and tell us about the other art that will be nearby. If they are still forming their ideas, we show them photos of other clients’ homes and rug collections. We may start by determining which styles to focus on based on their comments about the ambiance they hope to create: elegant or casual, modern or traditional, rustic or high-style.

We then work to identify which styles of carpets reflect both their aesthetic interest and the aim of their design scheme. Then, either at our gallery or directly in their home, we show a series of appropriate carpets usually presenting three or four multiple-rug suites of compatible carpets, or demonstrating the impact of a suite of rugs versus that of a single, palace size carpet.

Antique rugs effectively create a mood, and with so many geometric and floral styles, any atmosphere can be created. From the spare, graphic lines and clear colors of Serapis or Bakshaish to the intricate, melodic pattern language and more muted hues of Laver Kirmans, the panoply of antique carpets offer a wealth of design directions. Throughout, we work to balance the decorative needs of clients’ homes with their interest in building private collections of noteworthy pieces that will continue to grow in rarity.

Assisting the Collector

A small portion of the Oriental rugs available today stand on solid ground as works of art on par with the finest paintings, sculpture and other acknowledged mediums. Yet, top-tier 19th-century rugs remain dramatically undervalued relative to other forms of art.

Seeing a window of opportunity that cannot remain open indefinitely, more and more of our clients are assembling notable family caches of art-level rugs. A rapidly growing number are not only using them on their floors but also hanging them on their walls and rotating their rugs in use with those stored in dedicated closets and custom rug cellars. Many plan to strategically hold onto their collections until their value is universally acknowledged.

For over three decades, Mr. Winitz and his staff of experts have worked closely with both new and seasoned collectors to select the rugs most appropriate to their interest. Rarity, uniqueness and good condition relative to the rug’s age are quite important, yet their advice to the budding connoisseur is to invest in carpets you have a deep personal affinity with, rugs that warm your heart and enliven your mind in a profoundly satisfying, penetrating manner.

Terms for Shopping Directly from our Website

The following only applies to rugs purchased directly on the website. Shipping within the United States via FedEx three-day service is included at no extra charge. If the rug is returned to us, the purchaser is liable for shipping both ways. If you decide, for any reason that you do not wish to purchase the rug, you may ship it back to us within 3 days of receipt for a full refund.* The rug must be returned in the exact condition as received.

*You will be responsible to pay for the cost of shipping the rug to you and back to us using the FedEx return label we will provide (no other shipping method may be used.) We will deduct the shipping charges from your refund amount.

All sales in which rugs are shipped to addresses outside of the U.S.A. and its territories are final. International clients are responsible for all shipping and / or VAT charges.

In addition to the above, all sales are considered final if:

  • You agreed to buy the rug without needing to see it in person or trying it out in the space.
  • You do not ship the rug back to us within 3 days after receipt.
  • You had requested specific alterations to be made to the rug.
  • The rug had been damaged while in your care.
  • No one was at the location (that you specified) to receive the delivery (in the event that the rug was returned to Claremont Rug Company, the buyer will be charged all shipping and handling charges)

We include a Full Exchange Policy without time limit with each purchase.

If you have additional questions or need more information, please call us at 1-800-441-1332 (01–510-654-0816 International) or contact us via email here. One of our expert sales associates will be happy to answer any questions you have, so that you may proceed with your purchase with great confidence.

All rugs sold from the Website are sold as described. Please carefully read each rug’s description before purchase.

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