• Persian Serapi vase antique rugs in entry hall of traditional Silicon Valley home
  • Antique Persian Bakshaish and Serapi Antique Rugs in Entryway of traditional Silicon Valley home
  • Antique Persian Sultanabad oversize antique rug in dining room of traditional Silicon Valley home
  • Laver Kirman Persian Antique Rugs Decorate traditional Living Room in Silicon Valley Home
  • Persian Ferahan Antique Rug in Tuscan Living room of Silicon Valley home
  • Antique Rug Ferahan Sarouk Persian Carpet in Office of traditional Silicon Valley Home
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  • Persian Bakshaish Antique Rugs in Pantry in traditional Silicon Valley family home
  • Antique rug Persian camelhair carpet in traditional kitchen of Silicon Valley home
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  • Serab Camelhair Antique Rugs in Hallway of traditional Silicon Valley Home
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  • Perisan Malayer Antique Rugs in spa Bathroom of traditional Silicon Valley home
  • Antique Persian Bakshaish Camelhair Antique Carpet in wine cellar of Silicon Valley home
  • Antique 19th-Century Persian Bakshiash Antique Carpet in Silicon Valley Wine Cellar

Outstanding 19th century Bakshaish Carpet Enriches Charming, European-Inspired Wine Cellar

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An abundance of textures, intriguing colors and atmospheric lighting effects imbue this folkloric circa 1850 Bakshaish art rug with extraordinary presence, particularly in the context of an intimate wine cellar. The Persian village carpet’s rhythmic abrash striation imparts a tremendous sense of depth and movement that influences every aspect of the brick-paneled room, making the space seem much more exotic and engaging. The colored marble, ornate walnut scrollwork, gilded frame and even unadorned brick all find parallels in the Bakshaish rug’s extraordinary natural color palette. Note how the striking azure blue of the striated reserve establishes an immediate resonance with the sky of the watercolor painting, both acting as apertures that enlarge and enhance the viewer’s experience. The folkloric art carpet’s high quality, expertly dyed wool provides an additional dimension of luxury.


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