Antique Persian Sarouk | 4ft 2in by 6ft 5in, Circa 1900




Among the many, many Sarouk rugs woven around 1900 that I’ve seen, this is definitely on shortlist of the most inventive and expressive. Its design is a complete original–rather than the dense bouquets of most Sarouk rugs, it employs an entirely singular, overscale design of well-spaced garlands in a wide variety of manifestations. Its color palette is individual and entirely delicious, with fruit tones of apricot, peach, pippin apple, guava and golden wheat. The rug uses the finest lamb’s wool that, coupled with its heavier pile, gives it an unforgettable luster.

I have never seen another border quite like this–many of the floral sprays are in the form of a peacock’s tail feathers, and a close inspection shows that each time that design is drawn, it is reinvented rather than duplicated. The celadon green background is a refreshingly individual tone, and close inspection shows that its subtly and continually abrashed. The weaver created dimensionality by not outlining the sprays in juxtaposition to the sixteen serrated tree designs, which immediately pop and stand out in contrast.

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