Very Early Persian Tabriz | 7ft 9in x 11ft 5in, second quarter 19th century

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From one of the oldest, most prestigious floral weaving centers, this incredibly refined carpet is a window into the era long before Western commercialization forever changed this region’s aesthetic. Its craftsmanship is consummate, with extraordinarily fine knotting. Both its design and color palette are brilliantly conceived, revealing countless delicate and potent shapes that masterfully inhabit the patterns to mesmerizing effect.

Its restrained, singular combination of colors reflects a glowing patina. A striking juxtaposition between complementary colors of cinnamon and Prussian blue with golden taupe and jonquil yellows, provides nuance to the duet of these tonalities.

Throughout its design and palette, there is a perfect harmony between masculine and feminine elements. Especially when considering its great age of some 180 years, this high-collectible piece is in extremely good condition, with even moderate pile and minor, superbly executed re-piling in its field.