Bakshaish Camelhair Carpets Effortlessly Enliven an Inviting Bedroom

The pairing of two exquisite representatives of the 19th century, genre-bending Bakshaish carpet style contributes inimitably to the ambiance of the art-collectors’ personal space. Carpets from the same weaving tradition almost always “talk to each other” when placed close by and the appreciation of their similar weave, colors, sense of design, and overall vision will be a daily pleasure to explore for the connoisseur.  Both wonderfully folkloric art-level village weavings, their differences also invite discovery while complementing the surrounding fine furnishings and elegant lighting of this tastefully tranquil bedroom. Dextrous abrash techniques (intentional color striation) in the luminous, unadorned golden camelhair field featured in each rug adds an element of drama amidst the harmonious discourse between rug and room. The best 19th-century village carpets create effortless, natural compatibility with elegant traditional decors such as this incredibly inviting, contemplative space.

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