Exceptional 19th-Century Area Size Bakshaish Camelhair Rug Creates Captivating, Contemplative Master Sitting Area

As carpet connoisseurs such as this couple have long realized, the perfect antique Persian rug can completely transform a room, elevating the experience of a space in a profound but unobtrusive way that is unique to this art form. The outstanding 19th century Bakshaish carpet seen in this couple’s Mediterranean-inspired desert home exemplifies this avidly prized effect, both complementing and anchoring the entire space. A highly inviting conversation area is established by its clearly defined, elemental composition, with a shimmering sky blue medallion providing a natural centerpiece. The coveted unadorned field of luminous camelhair, which is beautifully abrashed (intentionally color striated) instantly harmonizes with the cheerful soft golds of the walls, as well as the warm wood of paneling and shutters, as if the 19th-century folk art weaving was originally woven for placement in this genteel environment

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