Graphic 175-year-old Caucasian Daghestan Rug Both Complements And Enhances A Traditional Master Bath

Though successful in virtually any small space, area size Caucasian tribal rugs are especially effective in bringing a welcome new artistic dimension to elegant bath areas, where their folk art energy can be experienced every day on a direct, personal level. Here, the expressive, nuanced natural color of this very early tribal rug immediately harmonizes with the materials of the space: warm cherry wood and Carrara marble resonate with the carpet’s potent terracotta and sand tones, while the small scale tile detailing recalls the planned, geometric arrangement of the rug’s motifs. Yet, the mesmerizing, faceted allover pattern brings its own vitality that provides a completely divergent and fresh perspective, as well as introducing welcome accents of forest green, sapphire blue and indigo. There is an interesting relationship between the crisply drawn, deconstructed blossoms of the rug and the naturalistically rendered flowers in the upholstery and framed Chinese print, as each reveals something essential about these universal botanical forms in entirely different ways.

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