Placement On The Wall Highlights The Elemental, Abstract Clarity of 19th-Century Caucasian Gendje Short Runner

Though traditionally use on the floor, antique Oriental carpets are equally spectacular when displayed on the wall, where their striking geometric designs often acquire even more profound potency. These prolific collectors have seized upon this opportunity with this superb late 19th-century Gendje runner, taking advantage of the rug’s versatile dimensions to vitalize an otherwise underutilized space. The vertical presentation permits the innovative, compartmentalized design to be fully appreciated: its iconic, winged motifs pulsate with graphic energy, each element reduced to its most essential forms. The expressive effect of pure color is intensified by skillful juxtaposition of saturated hues–particularly in the combination of saffron and jade green–recalling the similar discoveries of Color Field painting more than a century later.

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