A Bakhtiari antique rug is a focal point in this grand billards room

Grand Oversize Antique Persian Tribal Rug Amplifies the Breathtaking Splendor of this Two-Story Billiard Room

This image is from a whole home project in a lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. A massive room, especially one that is elegantly wood-paneled from floor to ceiling, necessitates a rich palette of colors to match the sumptuousness of the woods. Some antique Oriental carpets offer naturally-dyed jewel tones, such as this rare 19th-century Bakhtiari oversize rug with its wide spectrum of brilliant rose and coral reds, fern and spruce greens, walnut browns, and saffron golds.   Happily its structured “Garden Compartment” design echoes the pattern of the woodwork and presents a repeated, large scale, botanical motif that evokes the grand natural landscape in which this estate is situated. Published in Spring 2015 catalog, p. 8.

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