Bedroom with antique persian Tabriz rugs

The Subdued Artistry of Two Complementary Persian Tabriz Rugs Provides an Understated Accent to a Tranquil Bedroom Décor

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. The restful low contrast aesthetic of antique Persian Tabriz rugs woven in the style of the famed Hadji Jalili workshop make them the perfect addition to the understated ambiance of a tone-on-tone bedroom, where a restful, restorative atmosphere is in order. Here, this coupling of a 3×5 Tabriz at the bedside and a 7×10 in the seating area in front of the fireplace enhance the quiet, yet elegant mood of this room. These antique Persian rugs are certain to gradually reveal their full nuances during periods of contemplation.

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