Antique Caucasian Talish Rug Placed On The Wall Effortlessly Harmonizes Diverse Art and Architectural Elements

An international tech executive’s contemporary high-rise apartment is given an engaging abundance of texture and visual interest through an eclectic collection of striking objets d’art, including the prominent wall placement of a high-collectible mid-19th-century Caucasian Talish rug. Suspended beside the entry to the main living area, the antique tribal rug beckons to the visitor through its breathtaking hues of goldenrod, warm terra cotta and bright ivory and its graphic design, an effect that is enhanced both by the abundance of natural light and carefully arranged spot lighting, as well as the inner luminosity of the deeply saturated natural dyes themselves. The rug’s abstracted yet clear structure creates immediate parallels with the contemporary design of the space and the skyscrapers outside, but also connects with the faceted geometry of the decoratively pierced screens, revealing the mathematical order that underpins these deceptively sophisticated artworks. At the same time, this Caucasian tribal rug also possesses a profoundly human character, reflected in its resonance with the carved Buddha, sculptural nude, and expressive abstract painting.

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