Captivating Allover Design Tribal Rug Is A Natural Accompaniment To Eclectic Sculpture Collection When Placed On The Wall

The most impassioned and eclectic art connoisseurs are always attuned to discovering any potential opportunity for enjoying objets d’art and expressing their taste. This savvy collector of 19th-century Caucasian and nomad carpets has found perhaps the ideal way to display this prized allover boteh (“seed of life”) piece by surrounding it with carvings from European, Near East and Far East traditions. Prominent wall placement means the viewer can take in at a glance the captivating common threads between these diverse and compelling works. Note, for example, the flashes of ivory that infuse the clearly rendered field with a subtle secondary pattern. This dexterous use of high and low contrast brings out these attributes in both the torso and 17th-century Burmese door, permitting a new level of appreciation.

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