Rare Light-Toned Ground Sultanabad Carpet Sets the Scene for a Medley of Harmonious Artistic Performances In This Restful Master Bedroom

A high-collectible, 175-year-old allover Sultanabad carpet with an extremely rare leaf green toned ground and ethereal large-scale allover pattern creates the essential foundation for the quiet, contemplative atmosphere in this contemporary master bedroom. The profound sense of movement and depth of the Sultanabad adds a subtle but pervasive energy that animates the entire space: not only does the room appear much more expansive, but each of the other paintings and carpets are heightened, with unexpected interrelationships discovered between every piece. The central role of adjacent light and dark colors becomes evident in each work: Mediterranean landscape painting, circa 1850 Caucasian Lesghi rug displayed on the wall, still life and Degas-inspired ballet scene. Uncluttered, minimalist furnishings permit the nuanced, well-chosen color to be appreciated without distraction, resulting in an unmediated, one-on-one encounter between artwork and viewer.

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