Spirited Color of Dynamic 19th-Century Caucasian Runner Brings Warmth and Energy To Contemporary Kitchen

This contemporary home owner has discovered the perfect way to bring one more layer of artistry and individual expression into his modern kitchen: a striking 19th-century Caucasian Gendje runner, displayed on the floor. The antique tribal runner’s warm color saturation and spontaneous, deeply individual artistry interjects a significant additional dimension into the aesthetic tableau of cool, clean minimalist lines, polished metal and white marble, intensifying the effect of both these stylistically divergent poles. Yet, there are strong commonalities: the carpet’s non-representational imagery, crisp clarity and mesmerizing, geometric pattern are naturally at home in this Bauhaus-inspired atmosphere, thanks to their shared focus on pure, elemental forms. The versatile small sizes of antique Caucasian rugs optimize the opportunities for daily enjoyment presented by kitchen spaces, where so much of a family’s time is spent.

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