Collectors Showcase a Gem from their Collection in this Tuscan-inspired Living Room, an Extremely Rare Early 19th-Century Persian Rug from the Esteemed Ferahan Town Tradition

A top-tier nearly 200-year old Persian Ferahan carpet was chosen for the main conversation area in this connoisseur couple’s living room where its sublime colors and inspired drawing, especially in the borders, were on view. This captivating early 19th-century Persian Town Carpet’s profusion of guava, rose, apricot and sand tones softly harmonizes with the elegant layered color palette of the fabric, wall, and window treatments. Even the luxurious texture and sheen of the fabrics are mirrored by the antique Ferahan rug’s luminous, lanolin-rich wool. These clients are strategically displaying three specimen carpets along the length of the space, each oriented to cover a portion of the width of the room.

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