In A Comfortable Media Room, A Prized 19th-Century Bakshaish Camelhair Rug Becomes The Central Focus

Larger scale, allover Bakshaish rugs are the rug choice among connoisseurs for their unusually effective interaction with a room’s larger furnishings and décor. Yet, their artistry is often just as successful- or even more so–when presented on its own, as the central feature of a space. Here, a family has become so entranced by the luminous colors and continuously changing motifs of their 3rd quarter, 19th-century Bakshaish Camelhair rug that they have chosen to place furniture only along the room’s edges, so its artistry can be experienced without interruption. In this context, its shimmering gilded ground shines with even greater potency, filling the space with its luminosity and a profound sense of continuous movement and depth. Delightful rare accents of sapphire and robin’s egg blue take on even greater presence as the relationships between each element can be explored fully and contemplated at length.

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