Superb 19th-Century Bakshaish Rug Provides Aesthetic Complexity and Depth In Entry to Connoisseur’s Wine Cellar

As with fine wine, part of the enjoyment of antique Persian rugs lies in discovering their unique attributes, allowing their nuances to emerge gradually as they are savored. This commonality was surely appreciated by this oenologist client, who selected a 125-year-old Persian Bakshaish area rug specifically for the floor leading to his impressively curated wine cellar. The artistic high notes of this outstanding small Bakshaish are easy to appreciate: joyful spontaneity of design in its free-floating archetypal rosettes, as well as potent, extremely seldom encountered tones of goldenrod and sapphire blue in incredible profusion. Fittingly, these colors have mellowed beautifully with age, acquiring a unique intensity and character impossible to replicate without the passage of one and a quarter centuries.

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