Traditional Houston, Texas Living room with Persian Ferahan Sarouk antique rugs

A Duo of Outstanding Antique Ferahan Sarouk Carpets Unify A Gracious Old World Living Room

The open, expansive plan of a gracious living room is completed by the inclusion of two exceptional antique Ferahan Sarouk carpets. The duo’s magnetic artistry unites the spacious entertaining area into a cohesive series of intensely inviting, human scaled spaces.  The carpets deftly create distinct conversational zones, thanks to exquisite botanical tracery and dynamic color interactions that are the natural result of inspired, virtuoso weavers in complete command of their medium.  Profoundly saturated indigo medallions and borders exert tremendous compositional weight in the high-ceilinged space, elegantly softened and enriched by skillful juxtaposition of warm pomegranate, sapphire blue and soft ivory.  These well-selected colors and scrolling botanical forms bring out the delicate, organic contours that have informed so many of the room’s other objets d’art.  Note how an instant harmony is established between porcelain vases, tasteful brocade fabrics, vibrant cut flowers, and even the graceful curve of the polished grand piano!  Through their harmonious interplay of color and natural light, the two 19th-century art carpets are intimately linked with the pair of Post-Impressionist paintings, where scenes of Southern France are concerned with precisely the same focus.

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