Antique Persian Searb Camelhair Runner in a Hallway

Luminous Natural Camelhair of An Antique Serab Runner Transforms A Passageway Into A Destination

The compelling artistry of this 19th-century Persian Camelhair Serab runner immediately captures the attention of both the homeowner and her guests, turning the passageway of this luxurious high-rise condominium into an inviting environment for gathering and aesthetic enrichment. This undyed Camelhair rug’s glowing palette of luxurious earth- and jewel tones perfectly complements the paired abstract paintings, and establishing an enlivened dialogue between the two creative media. The inner luminosity of extremely lustrous, supple camelhair more than compensates for any absence of natural light in the space, and harmonizes beautifully with the warm wooden bookcases and floors. Rare ivory accents appear to float in space within the enigmatic, faceted geometric design, subtly bringing out the cream-colored molding and further harmonizing the entire scene.

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