One-of-a-kind Area Size Serapi Rug Makes Spacious Powder Room Even More Expansive And Inviting

The very best 19th-century Persian village rugs possess the uniquely joyful artistic energy to uplift any space. This is particularly true of area size pieces that can find countless applications throughout the home thanks to their especially versatile, smaller dimensions. The creative vitality of this singular small Serapi is directly transmitted by its spacious, freefloating medallion design and strikingly evocative color palette, making it a major contributor to this room’s tranquil, uplifting atmosphere. The radiance of jewel tone crimson to garnet reds and extraordinary sapphire blue hues is multiplied manifold by the extremely skillful use of abrash (purposeful striation of color) imparting a sense of depth, movement and continual variation. Placement in such an intimate space redoubles this art rug’s immersive effect, adding greatly to its refreshing and invigorating impact.

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